Angela and Jason

We cut it pretty close, but we were able to fit in a maternity shoot before Angela’s delivery! I’m so glad we did. During the shoot I kept thinking (and saying out loud), “You guys are so ridiculously good looking…it’s just silly.” They were both glowing! You can see the joy and excitement that overflowed from the anticipation for the arrival of their baby boy who was to be born literally at any time! Their love and connection is so sweet. I can only imagine how it will carry over to their little one. And I am so happy for how their hearts will grow when he finally arrives in that sacred moment. Everything will change. Love will, somehow, be better than they have ever imagined it could be. DSC_0471-2 DSC_0480 DSC_0486 DSC_0503-2 DSC_0509-2 DSC_0515 DSC_0523 DSC_0525 DSC_0528 DSC_0546 DSC_0549 DSC_0552 DSC_0554 DSC_0565 DSC_0567 DSC_0572 DSC_0596 DSC_0600 Ang AngJas  Big Dalton Canyon. Glendora, California


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