Daily Life: Eliot’s Birthday Breakfast

This year we took Eli out to breakfast on his birthday. He wanted to go to a little cafe downtown for pancakes. So, after dressing up in our Halloween costumes we headed out. We were lucky enough to be seated at the window where we had front row seats to watch the crowds of children dressed up for trick-or-treating in the village. We saw dragons, princesses, Waldo, witches, a Cabbage Patch Kid,  a chicken, a gazillion Spider Mans, the Flintstone family, and more superheros than you could count…all pint sized of course, which made for a very entertaining breakfast. Needless to say, we had a hard time getting Eli to focus on eating. It was just too much fun.




Eliot’s Halloween Birthday Party

The weeks leading up to this have been busy busy, but also a lot of fun. Picking out music, fabric for costumes, decorations, goody bag treasures, pumpkins, painting signs, making and sending out invitations, etc. Eliot was right in the middle of it all giving each detail his little seal of approval, so the party was that much more special. It was something that we did together (as much as it could be) and it was created with his likes in mind. Of course, it was a team effort! I am so thankful to all the family and friends who pitched in to make Eliot’s party a memorable one. Without their help I would have had to have grown a few more pairs of arms to get it all done.

Thanks for all the effort and love you all put into this day!

And thanks to Erik and Uncle John for snapping some photos! 🙂














Oliver: 5 months

 Ollie is 5 months old! 

His likes:  1.Eliot  2.Eliot’s toys  3.Going on walks

4. Jumping! in the jumper or with anyone who is ready for a good arm workout.

His dislikes: 1.Being in that blasted car seat  2.When Mama sneezes  3.Sitting still

Baby tricks: 1. He popped 3 teeth in one week!  2.Rolling  3.Scooting  4. His eyes turned brown

5. His secret wrestling weapon…pulling Eliot’s hair to get him to submit to his baby powers.

6. His sweet, sweet disposition (not a trick…but hey, it’s pretty cute)



Daily Life

I’m going to be challenging myself to capture pieces of our daily lives around here. Sometimes there will be a story to go with the image, sometimes not. 

Oliver is on the move now. He’s rolling and scooting and started sitting himself up in his cradle, which means his itty-bitty days are gone and it’s time he graduates to the next stage of baby gizmos. As exciting as all this growing is, I still wish I could keep him small for just a little while longer.