Film: Rose Parade (2008)

Today’s mystery film…the Pasadena Tournament of Roses. It’s more entertaining in person than on TV.But not because of the floats…it’s the crowd that I love.  It seems to bring the kid out in everyone…especially regarding childlike whining and tantrums throwing when someone accidentally gets in their way. Never EVER get between a grumpy lady who spent the entire previous night in her lawn-chair on the sidewalk throwing whipped cream filled tortillas at passing cars and her magnificent view of a rose parade float OR the high-school marching band playing “Louie Louie,” after all that song is a classic! I guess I can’t blame them…I mean those floats are ridiculously small and they speed by like lightning. If you blink you might miss em.

What was I thinking? My apologies to those whose view I destroyed while snapping these few shots. Hopefully by now you have found it in your heart to forgive me.

Happy New Year!

Long live the Rose Queen.

The Mad Hatter

Colorado and Allen

He likes the ladies on horses.

Triple exposure...maybe more?


A handsome guy.

Is that a giant cake?



Film: More Yosemite (2009) …and my morning walk.

Half Dome Sunrise

Sleepy Buck

Morning Spot




Lately I have been taking my morning walk to the camera shop. To pick up negatives and also to drop off my next roll to be processed. I could drop all of my unprocessed rolls of film off in one go but this is more fun because I get to walk there again. I get to see things and I love that.

This is what I saw today:

People waiting to go someplace and people going places. A couple waiting at a  cross walk. Old men sitting at bus stops. A business man running into a bakery to get his daily coffee and perhaps something sweet before running out and off to work. A man wearing a nice suit riding his bike, perhaps to a corner office, maybe for work, maybe for an interview. An old woman waiting on the sidewalk for someone to give some change or a buck or two, or someones leftover Thai food. Students dressed in their chefs attire going to Le Cordon Bleu to cook up something decadent and impressive for class.

I saw babies in strollers being pushed around by mothers and nannys and more babies hanging from their fathers chest in carriers. Awake and interested in all the new things they were seeing through their new eyes and fresh perspectives. Waiting for nothing. Just enjoying being alive I think.

I saw homing pigeons waiting on rooftops before flying in circles around the city square, like beautiful waves in the sky.

A woman who, like me stopped to admire them, waited for them to finally disappear behind some building before continuing on with her day. She looks at me when they do and says, “Wasn’t that beautiful!”  as we pass each other in the cross walk, both of us going to our someplace. It was.

At the camera shop I wait for help and then chat for a while with the woman behind the counter. She likes to take pictures of small things that no one else notices. She hands me my negatives. I hand her another roll of mystery film that she says will be ready by the afternoon but I will be back in morning.

Film: Berkeley, Aptos, Salinas, Monterey (October 2009)

It’s almost been a year since we hit the road and traveled up beautiful highway 1 for our 2nd anniversary celebration. I am just now getting these rolls processed. In this case, “Better late than never” is true because I like the element of surprise in all of this. Remembering wonderful things that got pushed to the very back corners of my mind is good for my spirit.

Film: L.A. County Fair 2009

It’s that time again. There’s nothing like spending a day at the fair. It’s got everything! Food. Farm animals. Games. Art exhibits. Music. Lumber jack competitions…what more could anyone ask for?

Film: Oh Memaw…SMILE!

“Memaw” is what all of us grandkids affectionately call her. Most everyone else calls her Dottie or Dot. These shots are  from her last visit out here to California. As you can see, she’s got a trouble maker side to her and I like to bring that out as much as possible.